How To Introduce TSX Vibrating Screen Equipment?

TSX vibrating screen equipment is very common in industries such as construction, coal mining and energy industry, he can reduce the labor force, improve the efficiency of the mine, and is a superior product in screening equipment, how should we introduce TSX vibrating sieve equipment?

TSX vibrating screen equipment includes TSX horizontal vibrating screen, TSX banana vibrating screen, TSX flip-flop screen, TSX high frequency screen, TSX circular motion vibrating screen, TSX sieve bends, TSX grizzly feeder.

Sieve Bends Sand Mesh Sieve

The TSX horizontal vibrating screen and TSX banana vibrating screen are used for classifying, desliming and Disintermediating coal or non-coal materials with medium to large particle size, and are available in one, two and three decks;

TSX flip-flop screen can be divided into horizontal flip-flop screen and banana flip-flop screen for classifying sticky and difficult to screen materials. TSX circular motion vibrating screen is used for first and second level material classification;

TSX high frequency screen is used for dewatering of froth, coal slurry or non-coal fines; TSX sieve bends is used for dewatering of froth, coal slurry or non-coal fines during transmission;

TSX grizzly feeder is mainly used for feeding and pre-screening of materials.

The advantages of the TSX vibrating screen equipment are the overall light weight, high strength, low noise, stable equipment, long service life, low energy consumption and maintenance free. The sieve plate used is of exclusive design and is of leading level in China. The special SKF bearings used in the exciter extend the service life.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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