How To Judge Whether The TSX Vibration Screen Amplitude Is Normal?

Vibrating screen is an important screening equipment in the production lines of mining, gravel, chemical industry, construction and other industries, which is often used to screen for particles or dry materials. The amplitude is an important technical parameter of the vibration sieve, which affects the screening efficiency and the production quantity. For ease of use, the amplitude can be adjusted to control the speed of the device screen.

The influence of the vibration sieve amplitude size: the vibration sieve amplitude is too large. Siening hole blockage phenomenon will be greatly reduced, but also conducive to stratification so increasing the amplitude is conducive to material transmission and increase screening

measure. But if the amplitude requirements are exceeded, the more destructive to the equipment is. On the contrary, if the amplitude is very small, it will lead to sieve hole blockage, which will hinder the screening and stratification of dry bulk materials, but cause less damage to the equipment. Therefore, by adjusting to the reasonable amplitude requirements, the service life of the vibration screen and shock shock bearing will be extended.

Factors affecting the amplitude:

  1. Vibrating screen model type. In general, the larger the vibration screen number, the larger the chosen amplitude
  2. The effect of the ator. The vibrator is a vibration shaker

The main power source is, the stronger the shock force generated by the shock device, the greater the amplitude, and if the shock force decreases, the amplitude will decrease accordingly.

  1. Feed quantity size.The processing capacity of each type of vibration screen is certain, according to the production requirements to choose the appropriate model.
  2. The effect of the vibration frequency. The higher the vibration frequency indicates that the greater the amplitude of the vibration screen, and the greater the production capacity is.
  3. Spring position and stiffness. The change of the overall spring stiffness will produce the torque in different directions, making the vibration screen swing and vibration, and affect the amplitude of the vibration screen.

Amplitude adjustment: before adjustment, judge whether the vibration screen can meet the requirements of the screening operation. If not, the amplitude can be adjusted. During the adjustment, first turn off the shield on the shock part, and then rotate the balance block on the vibrator shaft to change the shock force generated by the shock part, place the balance block at the same percentage of the shock part, and then lock the eccentric block, and the adjustment of the amplitude size is completed. The amplitude can also be changed by directly adjusting the weight of the balance block or the angle of the eccentric block at both ends of the shaft.

Selection of amplitude: the general amplitude is selected by the granularity and nature of the screened material, and the different amplitude and frequency are selected by different working conditions. The larger the vibration screen size, the larger the selected amplitude, and the correspondingly larger the amplitude when the particle size of the treated object is larger. In addition, according to the nature of the material selection, for example, when the linear sieve is used for grading, the amplitude is slightly larger, and when used for dehydration, the amplitude should be smaller.

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