How To Maintenance Of The TSX Vibrating Screen?

The quality of installation and commissioning of vibrating screen equipment has a decisive influence on the quality and safety of equipment operation. TSX vibrating screen is a kind of high-efficiency and energy-saving classification and dewatering equipment, which has an important role in mining production.

  Before the operation of the vibrating machine, we should pay attention to whether each part is firmly installed and reasonable. Whether it has been installed and ready.

If the vibrating screen in the work of the problem, will affect the quality of the material, vibrating screen to be installed correctly, vibrating screen installation in strict accordance with the angle requirements, pay attention to the length of the vibrating screen spring, because the spring will be due to vibration machine work wear and tear and thus the length will be shortened, the angle of inclination will change,

if the spring is found to be worn should be replaced as soon as possible to avoid the angle caused by the screening problem, but the replacement to both sides At the same time, and after changing the same length as the original, to maintain the smoothness of the vibrating screen.
  In the operation of the vibrating machine, always pay attention to whether the screening device is overloaded, whether the screen is broken or blocked, the tension of the screen, if found that too much material vibrating screen load is too large, should immediately stop adjusting, good lubrication is very important to the vibrating screen, should strictly implement the requirements of the lubrication cycle table of the equipment manual. And choose the correct, high-quality grease, and add on time and in the amount.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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