How To Maintenance The TSX Vibrating Screen Daily?

  1. The screened products and materials shall be inspected regularly. If the screened particles exceed the diameter, the screen shall be replaced in time.
  2. Regularly maintain the motor. If the motor is operated continuously (8 hours per shift), add a certain amount of grease. If the motor is produced in a single shift, lubricate it once a week.
  3. The continuous working screen machine shall be maintained frequently, and the insulation, bolt connection and dirt cleaning shall be checked.
  4. Frequently check whether the sealing ring and bouncing ball need to be replaced.
  5. Overhaul shall be carried out after 1500 hours of accumulated operation. Check the bearing and vibration isolation spring, and replace them if they are damaged.
  6. Clean the sieving machine.
  7. Motor – This series of motors can continuously output rated excitation force under the following conditions
  8. When connecting the power line, the outgoing cable shall not be snapped and shall be reliably fixed with the vibrating body.
  9. 9. The motor of the equipment shall not be placed upside down or piled up during storage, and shall be strictly protected from moisture.

1、 Maintenance of vibrating screen before startup:

Check the vibrating screen and remove all kinds of sundries that hinder the movement of the vibrating screen.

The dynamic bearing shall be lubricated with grease, and the oil shall not exceed two-thirds of the bearing.

Check the tension of the drive belt of the shale shaker to prevent it from slipping and affecting the normal operation of the vibrating screen.

2、 Maintenance of vibrating screen after work:

The vibrating screen can not stop working until the feeder has finished feeding. When the screen is blocked, only hook it up, not hammer it down.

3.Service life and inspection of vulnerable parts:

The screen mesh is the most easily worn part in the vibrating screen, and its service life varies with the structure type. The bar screen is generally 5-6 months, the plate screen is generally 2-3 months, and the screen is 3-4 weeks, while the screen with the smallest mesh can only be used for a few days. The main feeding end of the screen is worn. In order to prolong the service life of the screen, protective devices must be set first to prevent falling materials from impacting the screen.

The bearing of the vibrating screen is usually replaced once every 8~12 months, the drive belt is replaced once every 2~3 months, the service life of the spring is about 3~6 months, and the service life of the screen frame is two years.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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