How To Make A Simple Vibrating Screen DIY?

Background Technology:

Vibrating screen is the use of vibration motor excitation as the vibration source, so that the material in the screen motion, the material from the feed port feed, through the screen to produce the screen, screen, and then discharged from the discharge port. In the production of copper sulfate and other products, the vibrating screen is only a layer of screen, and the screen is easy to sag due to bearing, resulting in material aggregation, which makes the screening effect and product quality is not good, screening efficiency is low.Simple vibrating screen production method diagram:

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In many vibrating screen demand users in a part of the self-employed or farmers screening some food or relatively large particles, they do not need too fine screening effect, and too expensive to buy vibrating screen equipment, want to do their own simple vibrating screen, in this vibrating screen manufacturers recommend a simple vibrating screen production method:

First, do a similar cuboid vibrating screen box, and leave a good outlet, welding outlet. The triangle drive plate about 45° is welded under the box. (If 1 layer screening is required, leave 2 discharge ports).

Two, according to the width and length of the screen box welding a screen frame, and the screen is fixed on the screen box e will be installed in the screen box.

Three, and then welding a (feed end) before low after high (discharge port) bracket, in the box. On the transverse installation of a horizontal vibration motor, the box 4 Angle support 4 springs, such a simple vibrating screen is made.

Small make up finally want to say is seemingly simple simple vibrating screen, actually intermediate technology content is still to be reckoned with, if you find wrong correct position of the motor plate, also not to the screening effect, simple vibrating screen only for larger particles, yield no too big requirements, and don’t need too fine screening effect part of the user, if you want to high efficiency, fine screening, It is recommended to buy the mature products of regular manufacturers.

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