How To Make TSX Vibrating Screen DIY?

Vibrating screen diy is a screening equipment for sand and gravel aggregates. It has the advantages of large output and high screening efficiency, and is widely used in sand and gravel yards, mines, building materials, chemicals, water conservancy and hydro power, concrete mixing and other industries.

Compared with other screening and grading equipment, vibrating screen has many outstanding advantages, which can be called an enduring screening equipment. After the traditional shale shaker has been used for a long time, due to the impact of screening materials, the side plates of the shale shaker will be worn, thus reducing the service life of the shale shaker.

How to grasp the key points when making linear vibrating screen? Linear vibrating screen is one of the main types of vibrating screen, and stainless steel is one of the common materials of vibrating screen. Scope of use of stainless steel linear screenWide, powerful, today we come to understand – under the production of stainless steel linear screen points. The key points of making linear vibrating screen are mainly divided into material and structure Requirements on manufacturing: key points on materials. Stainless

Horizontal Sand Mesh Sieve

As the name implies, the steel linear screen is made of stainless steel, but stainless steel is also classified. Nowadays, 304 stainless steel is widely used in the vibrating screen industry, but it is required in industries with high temperature requirements

316L stainless steel. A simple method to determine the stainless steel material can use magnetite for adsorption. If there is a sense of adsorption, it means that 204 stainless steel is used, which does not meet the production requirements; The other is to use acid

The material is tested. If bubbles are generated, it means that the material used in the sieve machine is unqualified., Structural points. The structure of linear screen mainly includes: support frame, horizontal vibration motor, damping spring, screen frame, screen plate, etc. stay.


In the process of making the linear screen, the design is not based on the fixed drawings, but on the customer’s requirements. Different requirements require different designs. Since the linear screen uses two horizontal vibrating motors as the vibration source, the installation angle and position of the motor directly affect the service life and production of the whole machine

Ability! Third, in the manufacturing process of linear screen, special attention should be paid to the cutting and splicing of stainless steel. The traditional cutting process is not only time-consuming but also not accurate enough, which brings great inconvenience to the next assembly welding!

The materials are fed from the feed inlet, and the materials above and below the screen are produced through the screen, and then discharged from the outlet.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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