How To Measure Amplitude Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

About the amplitude of the vibrating screen is one of the important factors affecting the efficiency when screening, increasing the amplitude is beneficial to the conveying of materials and the weight of the screen. However, if the amplitude requirement is exceeded, the damage to the equipment will be greater.

On the contrary, if the amplitude is very small, the screen hole will be blocked, which is not conducive to the screening and stratification of large pieces of materials, but the damage to the equipment is small. Therefore, if the amplitude is adjusted to a reasonable requirement, the service life of vibrating screen mesh and vibrator bearing will be extended.

If the amplitude of vibrating screen is large, the blockage of screen hole will be reduced and it is easier to stratify, so it is said that large amplitude can increase the amount of material and the amount of processing, but it will be easier to damage the vibrating screen, and the opposite is true if the amplitude is small, the screen hole will be easier to block and the amount of screening will be reduced but the equipment will not be easily damaged, increasing the life of the vibrating screen.

Generally speaking, the amplitude is selected according to the particle size and nature of the screened material, and different amplitudes and frequencies are selected for different operating conditions. The amplitude is increased accordingly. For example, when the linear screen is used for classification, the amplitude is slightly larger, and when it is used for dewatering, the amplitude should be smaller.



M=working torque of vibration motor (when using two motors, it is the sum of them)

W=the total weight of the vibrating part of the body (including the weight of the vibrating motor)

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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