how to measure amplitude of TSX vibrating screen?

Vibrating screen is an important screening equipment in the production line of mining crushed stone, chemical industry and other industries. It is often used to screen particles or dry materials. Amplitude is an important technical parameter of vibrating screen, which affects screening efficiency and production.

Generally, in order to facilitate the use, the amplitude can be adjusted when designing the shale shaker. If the amplitude of the shale shaker is larger, it can be adjusted smaller. But what about the amplitude of the shale shaker? How to adjust the amplitude? Now let me analyze it for you.

1、 Influence of amplitude of vibrating screen

  1. Influence of large amplitude

The large amplitude of the vibrating screen will greatly reduce the screen hole blockage, which is also conducive to layering. Therefore, increasing the amplitude is conducive to solid phase transportation and increase the processing capacity. However, if the range is too large, the equipment will be more destructive.

  1. Influence of small amplitude

If the amplitude is small, it is contrary to the above situation, which will lead to screen hole blockage, which is not conducive to screening and layering of large materials. However, it is less destructive to the equipment, so reducing the amplitude is beneficial to the service life of the screen and the vibrator bearing.

2、 Adjustment steps of vibrating screen amplitude

Linear vibrating screen

  1. First, judge whether the amplitude of the vibrating screen can meet the requirements of screening operation under the working condition. If not, adjust the amplitude;
  2. Turn off the power before adjustment;
  3. Remove the shield on the vibrator;
  4. Rotate one of the outer balance weights of each pair on the vibrator shaft to change the exciting force generated by the vibrator;
  5. Place the balance weights at the same percentage of the exciting force and lock the eccentric weights.
  6. That is, the adjustment amount of the exciter or vibration motor must be the same, otherwise the equipment will be damaged.

3、 Selection of vibrating screen amplitude

Generally speaking, the amplitude is selected by the particle size and nature of the material to be screened, and different amplitude and frequency shall be selected for different operations.

4、 Factors Affecting the Amplitude of Vibrating Screen

  1. Model of vibrating screen

There are many types of shale shakers. There will be some differences in the vibration frequency, processing capacity and other parameters of each type of shale shaker. At the same time, different hammer shale shakers have different amplitudes, so as to achieve greater production capacity. However, pay attention to the moderate amplitude, because excessive amplitude will cause damage to the shale shaker structure.

  1. Feeding volume

The handling capacity of each type of vibrating screen is certain, and we can select the appropriate type according to the actual production demand. In the process of using the shale shaker, materials within its bearing range shall be put into the shale shaker to avoid the high load operation of the shale shaker, otherwise the amplitude of the shale shaker will be reduced, the screening capacity will be reduced, and even the screen mesh of the shale shaker will be damaged in serious cases.

  1. Spring position and stiffness

When we replace the spring, if the installation position and specification of the spring change, the overall stiffness of the spring will change, and the resulting torque will cause the shale shaker to swing and vibrate, which will affect the amplitude of the shale shaker. Therefore, when replacing the spring, we should keep the same stiffness as the existing spring. If conditions permit, we can replace the whole spring.

TSX Screen

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