How To Measure Amplitude Of Vibrating Screen?

The amplitude and vibration direction angle of the vibrating screen box shall meet the design requirements. For linear vibrating screen. Amplitude can be measured by measuring triangle. The measuring triangle is a black triangle drawn on the amplitude plate with a white background. It is generally placed on the side plate of the screen box, and its bottom edge is perpendicular to the vibration direction.

The main reason why the amplitude of the vibrating screen does not meet the requirements is that the exciting force is improper.

Vibration direction angle plate can be used for measurement of vibration direction angle. Generally, the direction angle plate is pasted on the vibrating body. The direction angle plate is a right triangle with a 90 ° arc. The arc is divided into several grids according to the angle, and a group of radial straight lines passing through the origin of the right-angle coordinate are produced for each grid. The x-axis of rectangular coordinates. It is better to be parallel to the horizontal plane or the bottom of the tank.

The amplitude plate is used to measure the amplitude. The amplitude plate used to measure the linear motion track is usually engraved on a thin aluminum plate with a triangle formed by a vertical line and a diagonal line, or a trapezoid formed by two diagonal lines. The distance between the two lines changes from small to large, or from large to small; The amplitude value is taken as the intermediate value of the distance dimension, and the dimension of the distance of each segment is marked with an integer.

The size at the intersection is the amplitude value (double amplitude). Amplitude plate for measuring circular or approximate circular motion track, which is a circle with several different diameters and dimensions engraved on a thin aluminum plate. When measuring the vibration, see that the two circular phases are tangent to the circle, which is the amplitude value (double amplitude). This amplitude plate can also be used as a linear motion screening machine to measure amplitude

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