How To Operate The TSX Vibrating Screen Safely?

  1. Strictly implement the shift handover system, and carefully check whether the vibrating spring of the TSX vibrating screen is broken, whether the motor, counterweight plate and all bolts are complete and firm, and whether there is oil leakage.
  2. After starting, carefully judge whether the sound of each part is normal andconfirm that there is no abnormal phenomenon before working. 3. After receiving the startup signal: ⑴ Under the local control mode, the operator can start the vibrating screen only after the 2 # belt starts normally; (2) Under centralized control mode: the operator shall closely observe whether the startup and operation of the equipment are normal.
  3. After the operation is normal, the driver shall observe whether the vibrating spring, motor, and counterweight plate of the TSX vibrating screen are abnormal. If the coal bunker is full, there are too many stones, the machine head is blocked, and the No. 2 belt is abnormal, stop the machine immediately.
  4. Under normal conditions, the vibrating screen is not allowed to stop at will. It can only be stopped after the No. 1 belt stops, and the coal is transported (emergency shutdown is not limited).
  5. Under the centralized control mode: in case of abnormal conditions requiring short time shutdown, the emergency stop button can be pressed to stop the machine. When the fault is handled well, the emergency stop button shall be restored in time to restore normal operation. Under the local control mode: in case of any abnormality, press the stop button to stop the TSX vibrating screen and notify the No.1 and No.2 belt drivers. After troubleshooting, notify the No.1 and No.2 belt drivers to start the machine normally. It is forbidden to start the machine when the signal is unclear.
  6. When off duty, stop the machine first. Then, the equipment shall be carefully inspected, and the sanitation shall be cleaned, and the on-site shift handover system shall be strictly implemented.
  7. When the coal chute hopper opening above the vibrating screen is blocked, be sure to contact the No. 1 belt driver clearly, stop the belt, stop the TSX vibrating screen, and pull off the knife switch at the same time, and it is strictly prohibited to deal with it when the equipment is running. Use special tools to poke coal during handling. When poking coal, stand at the side of the coal chute above the vibrating screen to poke the coal. When dealing with problems, two people must work, one for operation and the other for supervision. Operation against rules is strictly prohibited.
TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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