How To Propel TSX Vibrating Screen?

Select the appropriate type of vibrating screen

Although the screening effect mainly depends on the nature of the material to be screened, different types of screening equipment can achieve different screening effects for the same material.

In order to improve the working efficiency of the vibrating screen, it is also necessary to select non-metallic screen surface with larger mesh size, larger effective screening area and higher sieve opening L ratio as far as possible, and select appropriate mesh shape according to the actual situation on the premise of meeting the requirements of product particle size, so as to improve the screening capacity and working efficiency of material particles.

  1. Reasonably select vibration motor and adjust excitation force

The reasonable selection of vibration motor is one of the key links affecting screening performance, and the magnitude of exciting force is the main factor affecting screening productivity.

1) Selection of vibration motor

As the vibration source of the shale shaker, the vibration motor shall have the advantages of reasonable design, simple and compact structure, high excitation efficiency, energy saving, convenient installation and debugging, etc. For the selection of vibration motor, the operating frequency, maximum excitation force, power, etc. shall be selected.

The rotating speed of vibration motor shall be close to the working frequency; The maximum excitation force must be within the range of the resultant excitation force of the selected motor; Then select the power of the vibration motor according to the selected working frequency and the maximum excitation force.

2) Adjustment of excitation force

The productivity of the vibrating screen is exponential with the exciting force. The increase of the exciting force causes a rapid increase in productivity, while the blockage rate decreases rapidly with the increase of the exciting force. The increase of the exciting force makes the vibration intensity increase, the force on the screen surface increases, the moving speed of the material increases, the productivity increases, and the blockage rate decreases.

When the exciting force is too small, the passing rate and crushing rate are poor; When the excitation force is too large, the friction between the eccentric blocks at both ends of the shaft of the vibration motor will be increased. By changing the eccentricity, the amplitude of the exciting force can be adjusted.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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