How To Repair The TSX Vibrating Screen? 

Vibrating screen is now a common screening and dewatering device, widely used in coal processing plants, mines, construction and other industries, if not operated properly will be, more failure points, easy to cause production accidents. In order to avoid the damage of the vibrating screen things happen, the inspection and repair of the vibrating screen should be carried out frequently, and weekly, monthly and annual inspection should be carried out.

This will make the life of the vibrating screen longer and more durable, and each part on the vibrating screen should be installed firmly, not loose and broken, and the screen plate should be durable, and the most suitable one should be selected. Problems found should be dealt with immediately can not be delayed.
Vibrating screen in the process of use, due to the use of time according to too long, not in accordance with the requirements of the correct use, installation errors, with too much or too little material into the design, manufacturing will produce many problems, these problems will cause screening efficiency processing capacity decline, and even lead to screen frame and screen box fracture, bearing damage and other serious problems. These will affect the operation of the vibrating screen problems.

Vibrating screen will have uneven feeding leading to bias load, even make no material on the side of screen surface, screen plate etc. not tensioned or screen mesh etc. broken, produce secondary vibration or mixture material change equipment feeding method, uniform feeding, in order to ensure to achieve the screening efficiency and processing capacity of the equipment, damping spring has fracture or stiffness difference is too large, will affect the screening efficiency.

The selection of the screen plate should also be correct, otherwise there will be material blockage, screen plate wear serious cause screening can not be normal and efficient operation, are to pay attention to diligent inspection, find the problem in time to solve.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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