How To Repair The Wear Of Bearing Position Of Circular Vibrating Screen?

The circular vibrating screen of the mining company suffered from bearing position wear during operation. The relevant data are as follows: wear amount: about 0.3mm, shaft diameter: Ф 170mm, bearing model: 22334CAw33. According to the relevant information provided by the enterprise, after careful analysis by our engineers, we decided to use the “Decoration and Reworking Process of the Sole Works” to repair the wear of the bearing position of the circular vibrating screen online.

The maintenance principle is to use the front shoulder or the rear shoulder as the repair locating surface to ensure that the repair concentricity is within a certain range. At the same time, the inner hole of the tooling is finished on the lathe to meet the roundness and basic dimensions after repair. The maintenance process is as follows:

(1) Use oxygen and acetylene to bake oil on the surface of the worn parts of the bearing position of the circular vibrating screen;

(2) Use the pricking wheel, polishing disc and grinding wheel to polish the surface and remove high spots;

(3) Empty test tooling to ensure proper tooling;

(4) Clean the surface with anhydrous ethanol to ensure that the surface is dry and clean;

(5) Brush SD7000 release agent on the inner surface of the tooling;

(6) Blending Sorec nano polymer materials, coating the materials to the repair parts, and installing tooling;

(7) After the material is solidified, remove the tooling and remove excess materials;

(8) Reinstall the bearing.

Through the application of a large number of users in many fields and various complex environments, Sorecun nano polymer material technology can not only solve the problem of wear and maintenance of the bearing position of the circular vibrating screen on site, online, and quickly, but also improve the traditional maintenance method by the performance of the material and the relevant repair process.

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