How To Repair The Wear Of Eccentric Shaft Bearing Seat Of Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen is a kind of filtering mechanical separation equipment used for mud solid phase treatment, which works by using reciprocating rotary vibration generated by vibrator excitation. It is composed of screen and vibrator. The thickness of the screen is expressed by mesh. Generally, the coarse screen is below 50 mesh, and the fine screen is above 80 mesh. The vibrator is an eccentric wheel, which rotates under the drive of the motor to make the screen frame vibrate.

Due to the vibration of the screen frame, when the mud flows to the screen surface, the coarse solid particles will remain on the screen surface and will be discharged from one end along the slope. The fine solid particles and mud liquid will flow to the mud pit through the screen hole together. During the operation of the shale shaker, some equipment problems are unavoidable, such as the abrasion of the bearing seat of the Vibrating screen.

During the operation of the vibrating screen of an enterprise, the bearing pedestal on the supporting side was worn, with the wear depth of 0.5mm-1mm on one side, the wear width of 126mm, and the shaft diameter Ф 180mm, bearing model 22236.

As for the wear of the bearing seat of the vibrating screen, we can use the Sorei machining process to repair it. First of all, our materials have good machining performance, meet the processing requirements of turning, milling, planing and grinding, and there is no thermal stress during the repair process. Secondly, our materials will not produce metal fatigue wear during use. Under the premise of normal maintenance of equipment, the service life after repair is even longer than that of new parts.

Finally, our materials have no strict requirements on the thickness of single side of bearing location wear repair and bearing seat wear repair, which is obviously superior to the traditional repair process.

In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the shale shaker, the daily maintenance of the shale shaker is also very important, and the following points should be paid attention to:

It is recommended to make a support frame to hang the spare screen surface.

Check the pressing device of the screen frame every shift, and press it if it is loose.

Check the sealing strip frequently and replace it in time if it is worn or defective.

The screen frame shall be taken out frequently, and the screen surface shall be checked regularly for damage or unevenness, and the screen hole shall be checked for blockage.

Each shift shall check whether the connection of the feed box is loose. If the gap becomes larger, it will cause collision, which will cause the equipment to break.

Although the shale shaker does not need lubricating oil, it still needs to be overhauled once a year to replace the lining plate and trim the two screens. The vibration motor shall be disassembled for inspection, and the motor bearing shall be replaced with oil. If the bearing is damaged, it shall be replaced.

Check the screen body support device every shift, and observe whether the hollow rubber pad has obvious deformation or degumming. When the rubber pad is damaged or excessively compressed, replace two hollow rubber pads at the same time.

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