How To Select Motor Capacity For Horizontal Vibrating Screen?

TSX horizontal vibrating screen is a kind of vibrating screen which is mainly used for classification, desliming and medium removal of mines. It can also be dehydrated when using slotted screen plates. It is mainly used for desliming large and medium sized coal or non-coal materials.

The motor capacity of the TSX horizontal vibrating screen can be seen from three aspects. The first is the size of the material. It depends on whether the horizontal vibrating screen needs to screen large or medium materials.

The same linear vibrating screen screens materials with larger particle ratio than those with smaller particle ratio at the same time. In contrast, the screening weight of materials with smaller particle ratio is higher than that of materials with larger particle ratio. The second is the size of the TSX horizontal vibrating screen itself.

If the size of the screen itself is large and the material ratio is large, the exciting force required in the screening process will be larger, then a motor with larger power should be selected. The third point is that the exciting force of the horizontal vibrating screen motor must be higher than 30% of the total weight of the equipment according to the screen weight of the TSX horizontal vibrating screen, otherwise the phenomenon of a small horse pulling a large car will occur, which is very easy to cause overload damage to the vibration motor.

The screen body for TSX horizontal vibrating screen is designed with finite element analysis method, combining internal and external to design a reasonable combination of horizontal vibrating screen and vibrating screen. The exciter of TSX vibrating screen uses SKF special bearing, which has a long service life, light structure, good sealing, fast heat dissipation, low noise, convenient maintenance, durability, and reliability.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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