How To Select Parameters Of TXS Circular Motion Vibrating Screen?

The service life of the circular motion vibrating screen is affected by many factors, such as vibration strength, structure size and shape of the vibrating screen,Materials and manufacturing processes used for parts and components, properties of materials and operating environment, etc. To make sure that it’s at high temperature.

High operation rate, high dust and other harsh conditions normal operation. These parameters of the shaker are proposed to be higherRequirements. Because the screening process is the synthesis of many complex phenomena and factors, it is not suitable to use mathematical form Describe it comprehensively. This paper summarizes the parameter selection method of shaker.

1 Throwing index Kv:

According to experience, depending on the nature of the material handled, as shown in the following table.

It is proved by the theory and production practice required for screening: 1) the particle size is less than 3/4 of the sieve hole size, said

Is “easy to sieve grain”; 2) If the particle size is larger than 3/4 of the sieve hole size, it is called “refractory sieve particle”; 3) Particle diameter

The closer the mesh size is, the more difficult it is to pass through the sieve. Most use a medium-speed throw index [1.75-3.3].

2.2 choose

a is related to the handling capacity and screening efficiency of the circular motion vibrating screen. Advantages :a increase, material on the screen surface movement

As the speed increases, the processing capacity increases; Disadvantages: The material on the screen surface residence time is shortened, the screening efficiency is reduced.


In the screen material particle size range is wide, the use of double screen as a single screen, can improve the processing capacity of the screen machine, and can protect the lower screen, so that the lower screen life extension.

The selection of the upper layer of the double layer screen hole size, generally should be determined according to the grain size characteristics of the ore, can be considered according to the upper screen under the amount of the screen, equivalent to the original amount of 55 ~ 65% of the material particle size as the screen hole size.

Note that when the content of the lower particle size in the raw material is more than 50%, it is difficult to screen more particles, and the material is more viscous mud and high moisture, the double screen should be avoided as far as possible to use as a single screen.

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