How To Select The Model Of Second-Hand Linear Vibrating Screen?

There are many types of second-hand linear vibrating screen, and many users do not know how to choose? Today, Aijiuku would like to tell you a few tips on the purchase of second-hand linear vibrating screen, hoping to help you. At that time, it was designed to reduce the labor of workers and improve the quality of ores.

So the designed machine is heavy and difficult to move. However, such a machine greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves the output and quality. With different application fields and realization effects, the current vibrating screen equipment can be divided into fine vibrating screen and heavy vibrating screen by being used for mining.

In fact, as long as the user provides condition 1, the next determined model and design standard will be selected, designed and produced by the vibrating screen manufacturer.

  1. Select appropriate equipment model according to screening output

Different models will be selected due to different output requirements of screening materials; For example: small: DZSF-515 (output: 0.12-5 t/h); Large scale: DZSF-1030 (output: 10-15 tons/hour), DZSF1054 (output: 15-20 tons/hour); You can choose the model according to the required output of materials, or you can customize the model.

  1. Select the appropriate equipment model according to the material properties

The linear vibrating screen is mainly used to screen cohesionless dry powder and granular materials with water content less than 7% within 400 meshes. When selecting the linear vibrating screen, whether the properties such as water content, temperature, specific gravity, viscosity and particle size of the materials meet the requirements of the screen machine shall be considered. For example:

For fine screening and small particle size, choose high-frequency linear vibrating screen.

The material temperature is too high, so it needs to be cooled when screening — choose air cooled linear vibrating screen.

High hygiene requirements for materials — food linear vibrating screen, etc.

  1. Purchase according to the site

In addition to considering the output and materials, we also need to pay attention to its use site, whether there is space, site restrictions, etc; If the space is small and the site is limited, the hanging linear vibrating screen can be selected; If you need to move frequently, the height can be adjusted and the movable linear vibrating screen can be selected.

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