How To Select The Parameters Of TSX Different Vibrating Screens?

Classify and screen the crushed materials, select large vibrating screen, probability screen, etc; The effect of linear vibrating screen is better when the material is subject to medium removal and dehydration treatment; If it is necessary to remove mud and sand from materials, probability sieve shall be used.

Each time the screen surface is vibrated, the materials will be thrown once, at this time, the materials are easy to pass through the screen, which is very beneficial to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and improve the screening efficiency of the vibrating screen. However, this is a parameter obtained on the basis of the beating of single material particles. In fact, materials appear as a group on the screen surface, and friction often occurs between material particles, thus requiring greater throwing strength. Therefore, higher throwing strength should be selected in practical application.

 (1) Amplitude amplitude increases, screen hole plugging phenomenon will be greatly reduced, but also conducive to material stratification

(2) The increase of vibration frequency and vibration frequency can increase.

Selection of parameters for circular shaker

(3) Toss index.

Easy to screen material take small value. The large value is taken when the screen is small, and the small value is taken when the screen is large.

(4) screen surface inclination.

For circular vibrating screen generally take 15° ~ 25°, amplitude when the small value, amplitude when the large value.

(5) the amplitude of the screen box.

Sieve box amplitude A is an important parameter in the design of the sieve, its value must be appropriate to ensure that the material is fully stratified. reduce blockage, in order to sieve through. Usually take A=3 ~ 6mm, where the sieve hole is the largest value, the sieve hole is the smallest value.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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