How To Select The Spring Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

Spring can produce large elastic deformation under load, which is widely used in various machinery. The main function of the spring is to control the movement of the mechanism, reduce vibration and buffer, store, and output energy, measure the size of the force, etc. According to different loads, it can be divided into four types: tension spring, compression spring, torsion spring and bending spring. The TSX vibrating screen adopts cylindrical spiral spring.

In the actual design of the spring on the TSX vibrating screen, these problems should be considered: the support spring can be a rubber spring or a spiral spring, or a composite spring. Generally, friction dampers are also designed in the support device.

However, since the rubber internal resistance of the rubber spring and the composite spring is large, which has a certain limiting effect on the amplitude when passing through the resonance area, so it is not necessary to design the limiter and other limiting devices, it is only necessary to calculate the cylindrical spiral compression spring.

The spring is required to work under general load conditions, and its pitch diameter is about 95mm, the outer diameter is about 110mm, the expansion and contraction of the spring is about 0~7mm, and the loaded load is screen box mass, vibrator mass, and material mass. The exciting force of the spring can be calculated according to the weight of the eccentric block, the turning radius of the eccentric block and the angular velocity.

The allowable stress of the spring shall be determined according to the working conditions. As the spring works under general load conditions, it can be considered as Class III spring; Determine the diameter of spring wire according to the calculation of strength conditions; Calculate the number of coils of the spring according to the stiffness condition.

Finally, it is necessary to check the spring, calculate the initial tension, ultimate working stress and ultimate working load of the spring respectively, and verify whether they meet the requirements. In this way, the design of the TSX vibrating screen spring is completed.

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TSX Screen

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