How To Solve The Problems Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating machine is very widely used, and it can be seen in many fields. Vibrating screens often fail and have problems during operation, and the following are ways to solve these problems.
Vibrating screen will be noisy, difficult to screen, low vibration efficiency, screen easy to block not easy to clean.

For the vibrating screen rotating speed is slow and the bearing is hot, it means that there is no usual care and the bearing lacks lubricating oil, if there is no lack of lubricating oil it may be that the quality of oil is not very good or too much, so it is important to say that the quality of lubricating oil.

 For the vibrating screen rotation becomes slow and the bearing is hot, this situation, it means there is no usual care, the bearing lacks grease, if it is newly added grease, it is the quality of grease or too full, the poor quality oil makes it the bearing blockage labyrinth seal jam, so the quality of grease is quite important.
For the screen, screen blockage is common, so it is said to clean the screen from time to time, if the screen is blocked, to find the cause of screen blockage, different materials to use different screens, to choose a different screen according to the characteristics of the material, for these problems can take measures are.

By the viscosity of the material, adsorption, agglomeration, static electricity and other characteristics of the problem, you can use the corresponding screen clearing device, such as ultrasonic screen clearing device and other equipment;2.If the material shape is irregular, polygonal or bar-shaped, it is necessary to use perforated plate to clear the screen.



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