How To Test The TSX Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating Screens, the high-performance TSX vibrating screen provides efficient, high-quality screening. With the advantages of efficient operation, easy operation and customizability, it provides you with everything you need to get the best job done. With high capacity, long service life, easy maintenance and low price, it is favored by our customers.

 The testing of vibrating screen is very important, is used to see whether the index parameters are correct and reasonable, mainly detects the vibration amplitude, tilt angle, power, etc.

When running, usually running at no load when testing. You can see whether the vibrating screen parts are loose, whether the joints are connected badly, reduce the maintenance cost of human and financial resources and enhance the screening efficiency, and also find the abnormalities of the welding joints of the vibrating screen, whether the noise of the vibrating screen is abnormally large, and whether the circuit is broken and shorted abnormally.
  Vibration frequency test is more accurate test, can choose vibration sensor placed in the screen frame suitable position, through the screen frame full local work vibration signal acquisition analysis, can output display more accurate working frequency. A simpler method is to use the RPM meter to read out the sieve working frequency directly by testing the motor speed and pulley speed.

Stress test through the stress test, you can understand the sieve machine in the working condition of the stress distribution, the design of the sieve machine has a guiding role. The test method uses a carrier bridge (off bridge or full bridge) composed of strain gauges to pick up the deformation signal of the measured point, and then amplify and collect it.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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