How To Test The TSXcircular Vibration Screen?

Circular vibrating screen is a non-standard equipment, so the round vibrating screen is installed After completion, the circular vibration screen is required to test whether it is tested Run normally and can work normally. Below is the circular vibration sieve tester Some of the basic workflows of the.

Empty load test operation of circular vibration sieve generally requires not less than 4 hours.The operation of the sieve should be observed during test operation and the vibration should be flatSteady, no lateral swing and abnormal sound. If you find the above questionsProblem, should stop in time to check the reason, eliminate the fault. In addition, in during the test operation, the amplitude and vibration direction angle of the sieve box should be checked.

In line with the requirements of long ding environmental protection design, the available amplitude when checking the amplitude plate. There is a measurement on the amplitude plate used to measure the linear sieve amplitude delta. The amplitude plate is fixed to the sieve box side plate, with its bottom side and vibration.

Move direction vertical. According to the visual temporary retention principle, when the sieve box vibration.In the amplitude card, you will see two groups of triangles, two groups of triangles.The reading of the intersection point is the double amplitude of the sieve machine.

According to the principle of visual retention, the angle of the rays to the x-axis when the sieve box vibrate The degree is the vibration direction Angle. For the self-synchronous vibration screen should also be paid attention to check whether the two motors are synchronous, if no synchronization is found, the corresponding measures should be taken to synchronize it.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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