How To TSX Vibrating Screen Condition Monitoring?

Vibrating screen is very widely used, especially common in coal processing plants, mining sites, can be dewatering of coal, froth coal, non-coal fine sand dewatering, but also de-mud, de-mediated, as the vibrating screen are to continue to operate, where the speed, vibration frequency, load state, working time, etc. A good environment will also directly affect the use of the vibrating screen, to use it scientifically and reasonably. Otherwise, it will malfunction, which will bring great losses or cause casualties.

Vibrating screen condition detection is the core part of predictive maintenance technology for rotating equipment, vibration monitoring is the most direct detection of the widest range of a detection method, conventional detection:

When the equipment is operating, use the pen detector to detect the equipment, the vibration speed of the equipment, measuring the axial, vertical direction, horizontal direction of the vibration speed can be detected, if the value is found to be incorrect there is a deviation to check whether the parts have Loose, the use of simple diagnostic instrument can detect 50% of the fault, it is obvious that this has a great help for the detection of vibrating screen.

Precise detection: it is analyzed by the vibration spectrum map detected by the vibration spectrum meter, and the fault point can be found. Different waveforms may correspond to a fault class, which is very important for faults such as unbalance and looseness. Double road phase analysis, you can identify the fault situation by the vibration signal of two parts and find the difference.

For Vibrating screen failure available as above method detection, want to avoid vibrating screen failure often occur this situation, to detect at any time to master the use of vibrating screen cloud-like situation, early detection early repair, to avoid the sudden situation of the vibrating screen shutdown, so that the state of the vibrating screen detection, early warning is very important, has a very important significance.

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