How To Understand The Bearing Grease Of Vibrating Screen Exciting Motor?

The lubrication form of vibration motor is like that of motor, but it is also different. This type of motor uses high temperature grease, and the bearing temperature needs to be monitored every half month.

Since each vibrating screen is usually equipped with two vibrating motors and each vibrating motor has bearings at both ends, if the bearing temperature is 10 ℃ or more higher than the temperature of other bearings, it may be that the bearing lubrication is insufficient, and the specified high temperature grease needs to be injected from the oil injection hole with an oil gun.

The vibrating screen vibration motor has the highest temperature rise among the three types of vibrators, and the temperature can reach above 85 ℃. If the temperature of the vibrating motor exceeds 90 ℃, the lubrication cycle will be shortened by half, and the amount of grease will also be reduced by half.

For example, when the temperature of the vibrating screen vibrating motor reaches 97 ℃, add half of the specified grease to each bearing for every 1000h of accumulated operation (the maximum operating temperature of the bearing of this type of vibrating motor is 120 ℃). When the motor casing temperature exceeds 100 ℃, it is necessary to stop the machine for inspection.

When judging whether there is any problem with lubrication, the maintenance personnel shall use tools to turn the machine after the equipment is powered off, and observe whether there is any jamming; In case of jamming, check whether the eccentric blocks interfere with each other and eliminate the mechanical fault in time;

If there is no jamming problem, it is necessary to open the exciter, check whether the bearing has been seriously worn, and mainly observe the wear of the bearing cage. Through the above inspections, the problem of excessive temperature of the exciter can be solved.

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