How To Understand The Diagram Of TSX Flip-flop Vibrating Screen?

Among all kinds of TSX vibrating screens, the TSX flip-flop vibrating screen plays a special role. It is used for grading viscous materials that are difficult to screen. The special materials make it have a different structure from other TSX vibrating screens. We can analyze its working principle with diagrams.

During operation, the motor drives the vibration exciter installed on the main screen frame through the rotating device, and the vibration exciter drives the main screen frame to make circular motion.

At the same time, the main screen frame transmits the driving force to the floating screen frame through the rubber block, so that the floating screen frame also makes corresponding movement.

The elastic force provided by the rubber block lags the main screen frame by 180 ° phase angle. This will cause the floating frame and the main frame to move relative, sometimes deviating and sometimes approaching. In this way, the flexible sieve plates installed on the floating sieve frame and the active sieve frame at both ends produce a relaxation movement.

Schematic diagram of relative position of floating frame and fixing

Floating Frame Fixing Diagram

Schematic diagram of working principle of flip-flop vibrating screen



TSX flip-flop vibrating screen has simple and compact structure, high stiffness, high strength, balanced stress distribution, large safety factor, reasonable vibration parameters, avoids natural frequencies of screen body at all levels, and reduces resonance influence.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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