How To Understand The Drawing Of TSX Circular Motion Vibrating Screen Exciter?

TSX circular motion vibrating screen is a vibrating screen used for primary and secondary material classification.

Circular Motion Sand Mesh Sieve

RDQ single shaft vibration exciter of TSX circular motion vibrating screen Changing the old mode of using eccentric shaft to provide exciting force, RDQ single shaft exciter is simpler in structure, convenient in disassembly and assembly, and easy to maintain and repair.

RDQ single shaft vibration exciter has lighter weight and larger adjustable range of exciting force, which can meet the requirements of different exciting forces for materials of different sizes.

The new RDQ excitation unit is lubricated with thin oil. The top of the excitation unit is provided with an oil injection hole, the bottom relates to a drainpipe, and the end of the drainpipe is provided with an oil drain hole to facilitate oil injection and drainage.

At the same time, using the principle of connector, connect the excitation unit with the oil level display through the oil pressure hose, observe the external oil level display to know the internal oil level of the excitation unit, which makes the oil level monitoring more convenient and simpler. In addition, during the oil filling process, by observing the oil level indicator, you can avoid the waste of oil due to excessive oil filling.

RDQ single shaft vibration exciter reduces bearing torque, making bearing service life longer.

The TSX circular motion vibrating screen is light in weight, low in energy consumption, low in noise, maintenance free, and its exterior is also treated with sand blasting and painting to make it resistant to corrosion and adapt to the working environment.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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