How To Use Vibrating Screen?

  1. The operator shall comply with the safety operation procedures formulated by the user of the equipment.
  2. When starting up, start the vibrating screen first, and then start feeding after the operation is stable to ensure that the empty screen starts.
  3.  After the shale shaker is started, the feed shall be evenly distributed to the screen surface to make the material flow jump through the screen surface evenly and stably, so as to prevent the screen surface from empty vibration or the material layer from being too thick. To reduce the impact of materials on the screen surface, the drop of materials on the screen surface shall be less than 200mm.
  4. Stop feeding before shutdown, and the machine can only be started after the materials on the screen are discharged. It is strictly forbidden to shut down the machine with materials or feed materials after shutdown.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to install or weld other objects on the vibrating part of the screen machine and to conduct any form of transformation.
  6. Establish a shift handover system, and do the following work well during shift handover:

(1) Check and remove the stone and other sundries between the screen machine and the surrounding fixed facilities that affect the operation of the screen machine.

(2) Check whether the bearing temperature is within the specified range.

(3) Check whether all fastening bolts are loose; Whether the sieve plate is damaged; Whether the belt is properly tightened.

(4) Check whether the tire coupling is safe and reliable, and whether it is torn or damaged.

(5) Check the oil seal at the lubricating part for oil leakage, and remove the blockage on the screen surface.

(6) After overall inspection and elimination of abnormalities, start the machine again.

  1. Always observe the use of rubber springs. If fatigue and excessive compression are found, they should be replaced in a timely manner, and the spring compression at four corners should be consistent as far as possible to ensure the stability of the vibration of the screen machine.
  2. The vibrator bearing shall be filled with lubricating grease at least three times a week to ensure that the screen machine bearing can work with sufficient lubrication; However, the oil injection amount should not be too much, generally 1/3~2/3 of the bearing space; To avoid bearing heating.
  3. All vibrators shall be removed for cleaning and oil replacement every six months. If the bearing has flake corrosion, discoloration, roller deformation, loose cage, etc., it shall be replaced.
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