How To Vibrating Screen Troubleshooting ?

This paper mainly introduces the causes of abnormal vibration operation parameters and their solutions.

Abnormality 1: The damping spring is broken or the stiffness difference is too large

Solution: According to the dynamic analysis, the spring stiffness will affect the working frequency of the vibrating screen, and the working frequency of the vibrating screen will affect the screening efficiency.

Abnormality 2: Single motor running or double motors not in parallel, not in reverse running

Solution: Single motor operation is strictly prohibited, which is very easy to cause motor overload.

Abnormality 3: The operating frequency of the screening machine is the same as a fixed frequency, causing resonance

Solution: Frequency converter can be used to change the working frequency to avoid resonance.

Abnormality 4: The vibrator or vibration motor is incorrectly assembled, and the included angle of two groups of eccentric blocks is inconsistent

Solution: Because the exciting force of two groups of vibrators is different or the direction is inconsistent, the parameters will be abnormal. The materials will appear deviation, rotation and retention, which will lead to the decrease of screening efficiency, processing capacity, screen strength, etc.

The inconsistent vibration direction angle on both sides of the screen box may be caused by:

  1. The included angle of the eccentric blocks of the vibrators on both sides of the screen box is inconsistent, so it is necessary to adjust the eccentric blocks on both sides to make their included angle the same.
  2. The bearing of one end of the exciter is damaged, resulting in inconsistent excitation force on both sides. The exciter needs to be disassembled.

Abnormality 5: The vibrating screen is installed incorrectly and the foundation is uneven

Solution: Whether the vibrating screen is installed horizontally is critical to its correct operation. During the adjustment, the four supporting devices can be used as the benchmark, or the screen surface can be used as the benchmark, and the level gauge can be used for measurement. The method of adding pads under the support spring base can be used for repeated adjustment until the level is reached.

Abnormality 6: The center deviation between vibrator shaft and transmission shaft is too large

Solution: Generally, the vibrator axis is allowed to be 2mm higher than the driver axis. If it is too high, the screen body will twist, causing abnormal parameters. The adjustment method is: first level the screen box, and make the center of the vibrator shaft on it higher than the center of the driver.

The working conditions on site are relatively complex, and the abnormal operation may be caused by many factors. Before analyzing and finding the cause, be sure to know the use of the equipment and whether there is any illegal operation. Then check one by one and analyze the causes so as to suit the remedy to the case.

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