How TSX Vibrating Screen Classifier Works?

TSX vibrating screen for bulk material industry provides: all kinds of vibrating screen, flaccid screen, circular vibrating screen, curved screen, centrifuge and other washing equipment for desliming, desmearing, dewatering and grading.

Vibrating screen classifier is to separate different material mixtures of different sizes by screening, according to the screening principle of vibrating screen, and can change the screening effect by changing the aperture of the screen plate, the degree of inclination, the time the material stays on the screen plate, the inclination of the screen surface is proportional to the screening speed.

The greater the inclination of the screen surface, the faster the flow speed, and the faster the jumping movement of the material on the screen surface, thus making the higher productivity and screening efficiency. The sieve has simple structure, easy operation, long life, high efficiency, energy saving, smooth operation, etc.
Grading vibrating screen includes linear vibrating screen of circular vibrating screen, where linear screen adopts double vibrating motor, when two vibrating motors operate together, the force generated in a parallel axis will be offset by each other, to the convergence and a vertical line so the screen body motion trajectory is a straight line, so for linear screen;

And circular vibrating screen motion trajectory is different from linear screen is circular or elliptical, it has a motor, the center of the screen The trajectory is circular. The material enters through the feeding port, and after the vibration of the screen body, the material will be thrown up and down on the screen, and the larger material will be left on it, and the smaller material will pass through the screen hole, and the material will achieve the effect of screening.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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