How TSX Vibrating Screen VS Trommel?

Tumbler screen can also be used to control the separation is widely used a machine, tumbler screen can be divided into several sections, can be used for the separation of sand and gravel in the stone plant, can also be used for the separation of coal lump coal and coal dust in chemical plants and mineral processing plant industry for different sizes of particles for screening.

Vibrating screen can be used in construction, mining, coal yards and other places can be screened, graded, dewatering, etc. Therefore, the use of vibrating screen is also very wide. Vibrating screen is a widely used large screening machinery, both dewatering and screening functions, simple structure, easy maintenance and operation, saving investment costs and floor space.
Tumbler screen is mainly composed of motor, tumbler equipment, chassis, cover, reducer, etc., while vibrating screen is composed of exciter, side plate, cross beam. Sieve plate and so on. Both have discharge and inlet ports.

 The tumbling screen is installed on the frame at an incline, and the reducer and the drum are connected through the coupling, and the driving device is used to provide power. After the material is put into the drum, it will be tumbled and screened, and the screened ones are discharged at the outlet.

After screening the unwanted or miscellaneous materials are discharged through the discharge port at the end of the drum.Vibrating screen they can also be placed at an angle according to demand, to achieve different screening effect, work are relying on the excitation motor of the exciter to generate excitation force, drive the screen vibration for screening, the material in the screen plate force. On the movement, and then sieving.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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