How TSX Vibrating Screens Are Design? 

TSX has a wide range of vibrating screens with high quality, long life, simple and compact structure, high stiffness, high strength, balanced force distribution and high safety factor. The following is the design of TSX vibrating screen.
The sieve body structure is optimally designed by finite element analysis, with light weight and high fatigue resistance, reliability and service life. Its surface is sandblasted to Sa2.5 grade and then sprayed with polyurethane protective paint.

The side plate is designed without welding seams and is assembled with American HUCK rivets hydraulically tensioned to ensure that the overall structure has no residual stress and has a novel and beautiful appearance. The excitation beam adopts box-type design, and the main welds are all fused through, with first-class UT flaw detection and magnetic particle flaw detection inspection, and heat treatment to eliminate welding stress.


The lifting beam adopts round special pipe design, the welds are all fused through, a first-class UT flaw detection and magnetic particle inspection is conducted, and heat treatment is carried out to eliminate the welding stress. Precision machining is carried out by large CNC machining center. The beams are designed with round special tubes, and the main welds are all fused through, subjected to first-class UT and magnetic particle inspection, and heat-treated to eliminate weld stress. High strength and light weight. The surface is treated with an exclusive polyurethane spraying process, which is resistant to scouring and corrosion.

The design of the screen surface is based on the effect of width and length, these difficult to screen particles take longer to pass through the screen, and the screening efficiency increases more and more slowly. Therefore, the length of the screen surface is only within a certain range to improve the screening efficiency, not too long length of the screen surface, otherwise it will lead to a heavy structure of the sieve machine and can not achieve the expected results.


The width is not only affected by the processing capacity of the sieve machine, but also by the structural strength of the sieve machine. The larger the width, the more the specifications of the sieve machine must be increased, the more problems need to be solved, and the higher the structural strength requirements of the sieve machine, so the width of the sieve surface cannot be increased at will. At present, the maximum width of our vibrating screen is 3.6 meters; the maximum width of resonant screen is 4 meters.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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