Is Rectangular Vibrating Screen Better Than Traditional Separator?

Screening equipment is usually used in various industries for various processing applications. The equipment is used to screen particles and coarse materials and separate them according to the size of different grades. The sieving apparatus with various shapes, sizes and configurations can meet various industrial requirements. Or are they better than traditional separators? Read this post to learn more.

The following advantages make them suitable substitutes for various mechanical screening machines used today.

Excellent impurity control: Generally, when using a rotary screen, the material is forced through the screen. Several times resulted in the loss of high-quality materials. In rectangular sieves, this problem does not occur due to the use of vibrating motion for screening. Use a magnetic separator to remove contaminants of different sizes entering the pot.

These vibrating screens are ideal for achieving higher output per unit mesh area.

However, due to the compact stainless-steel design and fewer contact parts, the vibrating screen can provide a hygienic solution.

Higher availability: The rectangular vibrating screen are operator friendly because they do not require other disassembly tools, which means that it is very easy to replace the vibrating screen. In addition, the maintenance cost is also reduced, and it is almost unnecessary to replace vulnerable parts regularly.

Therefore, rectangular vibrating screen has many advantages over conventional separator. If you are really interested in using rectangular sieve to improve productivity, you need to contact us. In addition to purchasing a new rectangular sieve, you can also consider using it for your facility. This will help you save money.

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