The Components Of The Gravel Sieve Machine And The Functions Of Each Part?

The main function of the gravel sieve machine is to sieve stones of different sizes into stones of the same size. The same is true for other materials. While sieving the size, it also sieves out the impurities attached to the stone. Its main structure There are four parts, the whole screen box, screen plate, vibration exciter and vibration damping spring. Among them, the operating principle of the gravel sieve machine is the high-speed operation of the vibration motor.

After the operation, the V-belt will run accordingly to drive the excitation. The vibrator, vibrator drives the whole screen machine to maintain a certain balanced vibration rate, and the base of the gravel sieve machine also plays a certain role. The gravel sieve machine is different from other types of vibrating screens, and its installation method needs to be at the bottom Install a base to adjust the angle and height of the screen machine, which is suitable for different use situations, and the spring support is also a way to change the angle. In addition to the gravel sieve machine, the sieve plate equipped with the gravel sieving machine is mainly a punching sieve plate.

Regarding the material, there are basically stainless steel, manganese steel and rubber sieve plates. In addition to the material and type, there are single-layer and double-layer sieve plates. Layers, the required sieve plates can meet different needs according to customer requirements.

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