How IsThe TSX Flip-flop Vibrating Screen For Sale?

When the TSX flip-flop vibrating screen works, the motor drives the vibration exciter installed on the main screen frame through the rotating device, and the vibration exciter drives the main screen frame to make circular motion. At the same time, the main screen frame transmits the driving force to the floating screen frame through the rubber block, so that the floating screen frame also makes corresponding movement.

This will cause the floating frame and the main frame to move relative, sometimes deviating and sometimes approaching. In this way, the flexible sieve plates installed on the floating sieve frame and the active sieve frame at both ends produce a relaxation movement.

Structure of the TSX flip-flop vibrating screen: compact size, high rigidity, high strength, even stress distribution, high safety factor.

Vibration of the TSX flip-flop vibrating screen avoids natural frequency of the screen structure to eliminate damage due to resonance.

the TSX flip-flop vibrating screen have Long lifeThe design life of the screen is >10 years, and exciter bearing life typically >60000 hours. Light weight, low power consumption, large throughput capacity, high efficiency typically >95%, high amplitude (9-12mm), G forces of >5G are reliably achievable. without blinding or clogging of screen panels. the TSX flip-flop vibrating screen Low noise (Typical “Free Field” noise < 80dbA at 1 meter).

Screens are designed to operate continuously for long periods with only simple routine maintenance. Comprehensive screen testing and dynamic analysis performed before shipment. Complete range of screens to handle almost all applications and capacities. Easy to operate and maintain, safe to use, competitive pricing, and efficient performance, with professional after sales service and spare parts support.


TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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