To explore the international market, Türkiye’s ERA Group visited AURY for inspection.

On February 16, 2023, Turkey ERA Group visited AURY (Tianjin) Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. for an on-site inspection. The management and technical team of Orui Company carried out reception work and extended a warm welcome to the customers of ERA Group who came from afar.

First, Chen Guo, Vice President of Contracts of AURY Company, introduced AURY Company’s overview, development history, product research and development, comprehensive strength, etc. to the visiting customers in detail. During this period, the customer representatives conducted in-depth communication on the parts they were interested in. The two parties conducted extensive exchanges and learning during the communication, and provided detailed answers to various questions and doubts raised by customers. The on-site atmosphere was relaxed and active; the AURY team was on-site The rich professional knowledge and high-quality working ability displayed increased the confidence of customers in cooperation, and also deepened the cooperation intention of both parties.

After the meeting, the customer visited and inspected the production workshops of the four companies, fully recognized and affirmed the screen plates, linear screens, centrifuges and other equipment, and commented on the clean environment, organized management and orderly production of the production workshops. highly rated.

Through this friendly exchange, ERA Group has a more in-depth and detailed understanding of AURY, thereby enhancing its recognition of AURY’s comprehensive strength and trust in its products. It further strengthens AURY’s pace and confidence in exploring future markets, and also marks the The company has taken an important step towards the international market. In the future, we look forward to further in-depth cooperation between the two parties to achieve mutual benefit and win-win development.

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