How Is TSX Offer Many Vibrating Screen Wet Materials?

The TSX vibrating screen can be customized for your specific application. It can be equipped with an motor or an electromagnetic driver.

The grading TSX screen is designed to separate particles into the desired cut size using a vibration technique. These TSX vibrating screens are designed for use in applications where subsequent equipment in an industrial process requires precisely sized materials. They can be made from a wide variety of materials of construction, screen plate layout, emission configuration, and mounting layout.

The TSX dewatering screen is designed to reduce the surface moisture percentage of the material prior to further downstream processing. Usually carried by conveyor belts, the screen uses vibrations to remove moisture as the material moves across the table. These bridges can be polyurethane or stainless steel depending on the application requirements.

TSX dewatering screens are typically used with sand washers and are typically used in wet sand production lines. In the stone processing process, due to violent collision and certain soil content of the stone itself, the mechanical sand contains stone powder and mud. The presence of mud powder will seriously affect the quality of the sand. The presence of stone powder can compensate for the huge void created by the artificial sand in the concrete, but the configuration of the concrete requires a lot of water.

In order to solve the problem of the silt content of the mechanical sand, a sand washing machine is equipped on the mechanical sand production line to remove the silt from the sand through the cleaning of the sand washing machine.

That’s why we like to compare TSX throwing equipment to the most expensive slot machine. Once you understand your request, we will build a continuous payment screen for you.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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