TSX What Is The Difference Trommel Screen VS Vibrating Screen?

As we all know Trommel Screen and Vibrating Screen are screening equipment,but the different working methods and principles also mean the difference in output.Next we will help you understand the difference between the Trommel Screen and Vibrating Screen from all sides.

1.Different Function:
Trommel Screen is an indispensable screening equipment in most sand washing plants. It can be used to separate large stone, impurities and sand to improve the efficiency of the sand washing machine; the vibration screen is a new type of sieve. It employs local blocks to adjust the amplitude and eccentric axis exciters. Low noise and safe and convenient operation.
2.The Working principle is different :
Trommel Screen :The working principle of the sieve: first, after the gravel enters the drum, it is screened through the rotating centrifugal force and the elimination effect of the roller. Larger granular stones flow forward along with the drum, gradually screening out from different grids, and the undersized stones are screened out, and then they fall into their own funnel. The stone is screened one by one through different grids and finally finished.

The vibration screen is characterized by a multi-layer structure, and high efficiency, the material rolling along the sieve plate. During screening, the rolling shaft in the vibrating screen can withstand a high impact load. In addition, when rotating on the bearing, the material will undergo a cyclic elliptical or linear vibration motion to screen the material. Thus forming a high radial acceleration, the working speed is very high.
In a word their functions and working principles are different, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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