Vibrating Screen In The Purchase Need To Consider What Aspects?

Good linear shaker manufacturers will teach customers how to install the shaker. But some small manufacturers will ignore the after-sales service, not responsible for the installation guidance. Because each brand of shaker installation is not the same, so today I will teach you what to do before shaker installation.
Vibrating screen in the purchase need to take into account their own needs, working environment, etc., in order to better buy their own vibrating screen, the following Xiaobian and you together to understand. Vibration motor has six types of classification according to the starting and running mode, according to the running speed classification.

1, is to according to their own screening purpose, is the need for fine screening or coarse screening, this is very important.
2. According to your material, you need to buy different models, you can ask the technical staff to recommend to you.

3, screening capacity requirements, different vibrating screen unit time processing capacity size of different materials, according to your requirements, choose the right type of vibrating screen. Vibration motor according to the starting and running mode has six categories, according to the running speed classification.

4, the different working environment. Vibrating screen working environment for screening operation, field sealing, dry humidity, safety, pollution requirements have a great impact on the selection of models to play a reference role.
Finally, but also to remind you, although banana shaker belongs to small mining machinery and equipment, easy to install, but still need to pay attention to safety first. Carefully look at the instructions, it is best to buy well-known shaker manufacturers, not only in price to benefit, but also in the manufacturer’s after-sales staff guidance for correct and safe installation.

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