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Why Coal Mining Triple Deck Banana Vibrating Screen?

  • High-precision vibration: Our vibrating screen utilizes advanced vibration technology to ensure accurate and efficient screening of coal and ore materials.
  • Triple deck design: Benefit from increased screening capacity and improved particle separation with three decks that effectively classify materials based on size.
  • Banana-shaped screen panels: These unique panels enhance material distribution across the screen surface, improving screening efficiency and maximizing throughput.
  • Enhanced durability: Our vibrating screen is built to withstand the demanding conditions of the coal mining industry, offering long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Easy maintenance and accessibility: Designed with convenience in mind, our vibrating screen features easy access to all critical components, facilitating quick maintenance and reducing downtime.

Types Of Coal Mining Coal Vibrating Screen

Versatile Coal Mining Vibrating Screen for Various Applications


Applications for the Vibrating Screen:

  • Sand and Gravel Aggregates
  • Minerals (Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Coal Mines)
  • Garbage Classification
  • Sewage Treatment

Vibrating Screen’s Features:

  • Large-scale machinery with a high processing capacity
  • Long service life for extended operational efficiency

Vibrating Screen Construction:

  • Steel plate and steel plate cut by CNC cutting machine for precise fabrication
  • Vibration exciter produced using advanced technology for strong excitation force and prolonged lifespan

Experience the reliability and efficiency of our Mining Vibrating Screen, suitable for a wide range of applications including sand and gravel aggregates, minerals such as iron ore, copper ore, and coal mines, garbage classification, and sewage treatment.

Our vibrating screens are designed to handle large volumes with high processing capacity while ensuring long-lasting performance.

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and precision construction, our Coal Mining Vibrating Screen offers a powerful excitation force and extended service life.

Enhance your operations with our reliable and durable vibrating screen.

Banana Vibrating Screen
Large processing capacity and high efficiency, and are widely used in various mineral processing: classification, desliming, and de-intermediation.
Circular motion vibrating screen
The circular motion ore coal mining vibrating screen is specially designed for the quarry screening of materials. It is a new type of multi-layer and high-efficiency vibrating screen.
Flip-flop Vibrating Screen
The acceleration of Flip-flop ore coal mining vibrating screens can 50 G, and 13-18mm amplitude, allowing the screen to handle sticky or fine coal 3-6mm, without blinding or clogging of screen panels.
High Frequency vibrating screen
High frequency ore coal mining vibrating screen is used for material de-watering.The processing capacity can be more than 100 tons/hour (depending on the feeding size)
Horizontal vibrating screen
Horizontal ore coal mining vibrating screen is used for ore washing, classifying, de-sliming, de-intermediation and dehydration, especially for occasions where the net height of the workshop is limited or the material is required to stay on the screen surface for a longer time.
Sieve bend
The Sieve Bend is a simple and efficient de-intermediation, desliming, and dehydration equipment.

Coal Mining Vibrating Screen Production Workshop

Reliable Mining Machinery Supplier with Global Presence

Production Facilities:

  • China: Multiple mining machinery production factories
  • Australia: Manufacturing Facility
  • South Africa: Manufacturing Facility

Processing Workshops:

  • Elementary Machining Workshop
  • Finishing Machining Workshop
  • Assembly Workshop

Split: Production Machines:

  • CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
  • Vertical CNC Machining Center
  • Horizontal CNC Machining Center
  • CNC Double Face Milling Machine
  • CNC Gantry Milling Machine
  • CNC Gantry Drilling Machine
  • CNC Welding Machine
  • CNC Angle Steel Drilling Production Line
  • Excitation Beam Assembly Machine
  • Precision CNC Lathe
  • Large-scale Blasting Machine
  • Three-coordinate Measuring Instrument

As a leading supplier of mining machinery, TSX operates production facilities in China, Australia, and South Africa.

In China, we have multiple mining machinery factories equipped with specialized processing workshops, including the Elementary Machining Workshop, Finishing Machining Workshop, and Assembly Workshop.

Our state-of-the-art production machines, such as CNC plasma cutting machines, CNC machining centers, welding machines, and precision lathes, ensure high-quality manufacturing processes.

With our advanced facilities and commitment to excellence, TSX delivers reliable and innovative mining machinery solutions worldwide.

  • Vibrating Screen Cutting workshop
  • Vibrating Screen Drilling machine workshop
  • Vibrating Screen welding workshop
  • Vibrating Screen Parts processing workshop
  • Vibrating Screen Paint workshop
  • Vibrating Screen Assembly workshop
  • Vibrating Screen large scale blasting machine
  • Vibrating Screen CNC cutting machine
  • Vibrating Screen CNC gantry milling machine
  • Vibrating Screen CNC gantry drilling machine
  • Vibrating Screen CNC double face milling machine
  • Vibrating Screen CNC angle steel drilling production line

Types Of Coal Mining Vibrating Screen Mesh

Enhance Your Ore Coal Mining Vibrating Screen with Versatile Panel Options

Polyurethane Vibrating Screen Panels:

  • Split Polyurethane Slot Screen Panel: Designed for efficient material separation and improved screening performance.
  • Polyurethane Continuous Slot Screen Panel: Ensures precise particle sizing and high throughput.
  • Polyurethane Blind Screen Panel: Provides effective screening of fine materials and eliminates clogging.
  • Polyurethane Sizing Screen Panel: Ideal for accurate sizing and classification of various ore coal mining materials.
  • Flip-flop Screen Panel: Delivers exceptional screening efficiency and reduces downtime during screen changes.
  • Track and other Polyurethane Accessories: Complete your vibrating screen setup with durable and efficient accessories.

Polyurethane Frame Stainless Steel Screen Panels:

  • Polyurethane Frame Stainless Steel Slit Screen Panel: Combines the strength of stainless steel with the wear resistance of polyurethane for optimal performance.
  • Polyurethane Frame Stainless Steel Punching Screen Panel: Offers excellent screening accuracy and durability in demanding applications.
  • Polyurethane Frame Stainless Steel Woven Screen Panel: Provides reliable particle separation and long-lasting performance.
  • Polyurethane Frame Stainless Steel Corrugated Screen Panel: Ensures effective material screening and improved efficiency.
  • Polyurethane Frame Stainless Steel Elastic Rod Screen Panel: Delivers high vibration efficiency and reduces material blockage.

Stainless Steel Screen Panels:

  • Stainless Steel Bend Sieve Panel: Designed for efficient material flow and improved screening efficiency.
  • High-Efficiency Bend Sieve Panel: Offers superior particle separation and increased productivity in ore coal mining operations.

Upgrade your ore coal mining vibrating screen with our wide range of panel options, including polyurethane vibrating screen panels, polyurethane frame stainless steel screen panels, and stainless steel screen panels.

Choose the panel type that best suits your application requirements and experience enhanced screening performance, increased durability, and improved efficiency. Elevate your screening process with our reliable and high-quality vibrating screen panels.

Vibrating Screen Mesh Panel
For Coal Vibrating Screen Mechanical

PU Flip-flow Vibrating Screen Panel
PU flip-flow vibrating screen panel used in flip-flow vibrating screen mechanical,it is very flexible and can prevent the screen holes from clogging
PU Frame Punch Vibrating Screen Panel
PU frame punch vibrating screen panel commonly used in banana vibrating screen, horizontal vibrating screen, circular motion vibrating screen, double-layer and three-layer flip-flop screen, the hole size is 6~50mm.
PU Frame Stainless Steel Elastic Rod Vibrating Screen Panel
PU frame stainless steel elastic rod vibrating screen panel used to screen ore, stone and coal of 13-50mm. The advantage is that it has self-cleaning ability to prevent clogging.
PU Frame Stainless Steel Profile Vibrating Screen Panel
PU frame stainless steel elastic rod vibrating screen panel used to screen ore, stone and coal of 0.25-13mm.
PU Frame Stainless Steel Sizing Vibrating Screen Panel
PU frame stainless steel sizing vibrating screen panel used to screen ore, stone and coal of 3-50mm, high screen usage.
PU Long Hole Vibrating Screen Panel
PU long hole vibrating screen panel the material used is polyurethane, which has the advantages of wear resistance, smash resistance and long service life.
PU Sizing Vibrating Screen Panel
PU sizing vibrating screen panel for larger stones, ore, coal, etc.
PU Slot Vibrating Screen Panel
PU slot vibrating screen panel is mostly used for hard metal ore screening or dehydration of other minerals such as coal, and the screen size is relatively small.
PU VR Vibrating Screen Panel
PU VR vibrating screen panel uses full polyurethane, which is more anti-smashing and wear-resistant, and lasts longer.
Sieve Bend Vibrating Screen Panel
Sieve bend vibrating screen panel is mainly used for seive bend screen, which is welded with stainless steel wedge wire.
PU Blank vibrating screen panel
PU blank vibrating screen panel for vibrating screen in and out.
Stainless Steel Punching Vibrating Screen Panel
Stainless steel punching vibrating screen panel mainly used for softer ores such as coal.

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