Warm congratulations on the first use of AURY intelligent mobile sorting workstation in Shanxi

In order to implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to “support the development of specialized and special new enterprises and promote the high-end, intelligent and green development of the manufacturing industry”, AURY (Tianjin) Industrial Group Co., Ltd. continues to focus on technological innovation and in intelligent analysis. We actively explore selected fields and are committed to promoting the development of the manufacturing industry through technological innovation and R&D results. On January 9, 2024, AMDS16E, a crawler mobile sorting workstation suitable for intelligent dry separation of ores, was first used at the Shanxi site. AMDS16E intelligent mobile sorting station combines leading technology and unique features to provide customers with excellent performance and innovative functions.

AMDS16E intelligent sorting station is innovation-oriented and integrates multiple intelligent functions. It uses a hybrid oil and electric drive system; it is equipped with an accurate, efficient and safe XRT intelligent dry sorting workstation. Energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection requirements are fully considered during the design and production process, and it is both environmentally friendly and efficient; equipment integration provides The gas system can be as close to the working area as possible; it can be used with the mobile screening workstation to provide customers with the best solution for sorting coal gangue of different particle sizes. It is worth mentioning that AURY has also carefully optimized the design of AMDS16E, adopting a fully hydraulic drive/oil-electric hybrid drive; an infinitely controlled plate feeder to ensure continuous full cavity feeding; a double-layer pre-selection screen to remove fine materials, Increase the equipment production capacity; the crusher’s increased feeding and discharging space makes the material in and out smoother. After design modeling, simulation equipment, specimen testing, verification and adjustment, and finally achieved success, the “new” equipment function upgrade was realized , improve the utilization rate.

In this information age, intelligent manufacturing has become the only way for industry development. AURY (Tianjin) Industrial Group Co., Ltd. will continue to invest in research and development, promote innovation, and strive to provide customers with smarter and more efficient solutions. It always adheres to the purpose of technological innovation and customer first, constantly pursues excellence and breakthroughs, and assists the development of the industry.

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