What About The Function Of The TSX Single Deck Sand Vibrating Screen?

The function of the vibrating screen: After the plastic is granulated by the granulator, a piece of material will be mixed in the particles. Adjust the single-layer stainless steel vibrating screen intelligent manufacturing website  High-efficiency self-balancing vibrating screen working principle editing and broadcasting The vibrating screen is the same when it is working. As long as there is a vibration source to generate an exciting force, the screen body can vibrate and a series of operations can be performed. Screening jobs. Common circular vibrating screen, linear screen, etc.

1 For different materials: the single-layer vibrating screen is aimed at the screening of one material, and the multi-layer vibrating screen can be used for the screening of multiple materials or a single material with multiple precision; The diameter of the screen surface depends on the web page  Easy to replace the screen mesh High-efficiency single-layer vibrating linear screen.

The fine screen is composed of two independent screening systems, which is equivalent to two traditional fine screens installed in the same movable frame.And a pulping tank lined with wear-resistant polyester glue is arranged between each screen. With the aid of water spraying devices, the products on the screen are completely turned over and broken up in the pulping tank Then sieve to separate the coarse and fine particles.

Ore feeding method Compulsory ore separation, patented technology, which can spread the ore slurry evenly on the screen surface, improve screening efficiency and webpage  Easy to replace the screen mesh High-efficiency single-layer vibrating linear screen

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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