What Affects The Efficiency Of The TSX Vibrating Screen?

Vibrating screen screening efficiency will be easily affected, a little inattention will not achieve the desired effect about the material, the moisture content of the material and the size of the material particles, different materials screening effect is not the same, the size is close to the size of the screen hole the smaller the screening effect, more likely to block the screen hole, resulting in poor screening effect.

So as to rely on improving the amplitude to solve, the amplitude can promote the material through the screen surface to reduce the blockage of the situation. So that the screening effect is improved, multi-way feeding can also reduce the movement time and distance; humidity larger material screening efficiency will be reduced, you can choose the screen plate with larger screen holes to increase the screening efficiency.

  The screen surface of vibrating screen will also affect the screening efficiency, the opening rate of the screen surface, the material of the screen surface, the shape, etc. Other length and width will also directly affect, the opening rate is the effective screening area, the higher the productivity of the screen surface, the higher the screening effect. The inclination of the screen will also affect, the inclination is too small stay longer but the rate of movement will be slower, will affect the screening yield. The inclination angle is generally set at 15-25 degrees.

Adding material will also affect the screening efficiency, adding too much material on the screen surface will accumulate, will affect the purity of the screening, adding too much material low yield

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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