What Affects The Vibrating screen quality?

Vibrating screen is commonly used in ore mine screening equipment, because it has many advantages, such as many layers, light weight, small volume, high efficiency.

But in the production, we will also find that the vibrating screen will appear poor screening quality, no material and other phenomena, very affect the production. In fact, there are many factors affecting the screening effect, such as feeding problems, equipment problems and operation problems.

The main reasons for poor screening quality are screen obstruction, screen surface inclination is not enough, screen material is too thick, screen feeding is not uniform, screen wear and so on. Sieve blocking is when the water content and mud content of the material is relatively high, it will let the material stick to the sieve, and it will block the sieve after not cleaning.

Therefore, we need to clean the sieve hole first, and then pre-screen to reduce the water content of the material. Serious screen wear will also lead to low screening quality, because when the screen is used for too long, it will make the screen by serious wear, which has a serious impact on the screening effect.

When this happens, it is necessary to repair the worn screen mesh in time, but if the wear situation is very serious, it is necessary to consider replacing the screen. The screen feed is not uniform will also appear in this situation, because the feed trough of the sieve is too narrow will lead to the material can not be evenly distributed along the entire screen surface, so that the screen surface can not be effectively used, it will affect the screening effect. At this time should adjust the width of the feeding groove to make the feeding of the sieve uniform.

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