What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of TSX Vibrating Screen?

TSX vibrating screen is composed of screen body, screen plate, vibration excitation system and screen plate. The exciter in the vibration excitation system drives the vibration of other parts of the system, causing the screen body to vibrate. The movement of the sieve plate drives the movement of the materials, and the materials are sieved out according to the different movement tracks of the materials with different sizes.

TSX vibrating screen has many advantages. For example, the screen body uses finite element structure analysis to make its design reasonable, the surface is painted, and anti-corrosion treatment is strengthened around the parts to make its service life longer. The exciter also uses SKF special bearing, which is light in structure, well-sealed, heat sink, low in noise and easy to maintain.

The sieve plate has polyurethane frame, stainless steel sieve plate, polyurethane sieve plate, relaxation sieve plate and arc sieve plate, which are impact resistant, easy to install, low vibration noise, and can replace damaged parts locally.

The disadvantage of most vibrating screens is that they consume too much energy. Attention should be paid to the maintenance of the screen not only screen body but also some other parts of the vibrating screen. The cost of stainless-steel screen plate is high.

However, TSX vibrating screen has also solved some problems. For example, the box type design is adopted for the exciting beam, which reduces the weight and energy consumption. The surface of the screen body has been subjected to several anti-corrosion and wear prevention treatments. The screen plate is made of stainless steel with polyurethane frame, which is not only made of stainless steel with good wear resistance, but also made of polyurethane for wrapping, which is easy to replace.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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