What are shaking screens?

A shaking screen or vibrating screen is device with high speed mechanical vibration of the screen surface, especially used for screening ore, coal or other fine dry materials.
A screen for sizing coal or other material.   It consists of a screening surface of punched plate or wire mesh mounted in a rectangular frame, supported in a horizontal or slightly inclined position and reciprocated longitudinally by a crank or eccentric and connecting rod.

To avoid manufacturing delays and lessen manual work, a vibrating screen is used to increase the efficiency of a project.   It consists of an elastic screen surface that has high vibration intensity, large vibration amplitude, and low frequency.   All of this helps to ease the entire process of an operation.

It works by maintaining the screening force at an optimal point that establishes the screening efficiency in high mode.   As a result, the processing capacity of the vibrating screen is huge.   According to our customers, our vibrating screens can meet their production needs, while also noting that the screen replacement is fairly convenient.

The vibrating screen has several advantages. First, they distribute wet fine particles evenly on the sieve, ensuring efficient sorting and separation of the material. Second, the vents included in the screen box prevent the material from bonding and clogging the screen, thereby improving performance. In addition, the vibrating screen is equipped with a cover to prevent the overflow of materials during the operation, reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve efficiency. In addition, the use of a transparent screen frame allows users to observe the screening process from the outside, thereby reducing manufacturing costs and the overall weight of the machine. Finally, the discharge doors and the parts used to support the bags increase packaging efficiency and reduce production costs.

Application:  The vibrating sieve machine has a wide range of applications in different industries. It can be used for primary  cleaning of raw materials, grading and separating products, removing oversize materials from a stream of granules,  and removing dust and other contaminants from materials. The machine is commonly used to separate materials such as  sugar, salt, flour, metal powders, and pharmaceutical ingredients.

Detailed Introduction:  A vibrating sieve machine consists of a screen that is placed over a frame,  and the frame is mounted on four springs or dampers that allow the screen to vibrate freely. The machine has an electric  motor that powers the screen,  making it vibrate at a specific frequency. The vibrating motion of the screen causes the materials to move across the  surface of the screen,  and the particles of different sizes are sorted out based on the size of the openings in the screen. The smaller  particles will pass through the screen, while the larger particles will be retained on the surface of the screen.

In conclusion,  the vibrating sieve machine is a powerful tool used in various industries to sort and grade materials. It helps to  improve the quality of materials by separating them based on particle sizes and removing impurities.

TSX vibrating screen are widely used,  and there are many kinds of vibrating screen. They are used for all kinds of vibrating screens, flip screens,  circular vibrating screen, arc screens, centrifuges, and other washing equipment required for desliming, media removal,  dehydration, and classification,  and they are also widely used in coal preparation plants. TSX coal vibrating screen has the characteristics of long  service life, simple structure, high efficiency, and small floor area.

During the operation of the coal shale shaker, driven by the vibration exciter,  the coal in the coal shale shaker is thrown up and down on the screen,  and these materials are graded on the screen.  Because the screen itself will have a curvature,  which will make the materials pass quickly and move forward in a straight line.

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The action of the vibrating screen means that the product is only in contact with the screen plate about 55% of the time, so wear is greatly reduced, providing a long and reliable screen plate life. Shakers are manufactured in open or closed construction and can be designed in stainless steel for sanitary environments such as the food or pharmaceutical industries, or in carbon materials for heavy duty tasks such as casting, recycling, glass, scrap or waste recycling applications.

Our vibrating screen using finite element analysis, so that the structure design is reasonable, avoid resonance, huck screw special, improve the reliability of the screen, smooth operation.

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