What Are The 2 Decks Vibrating Screens?

Among TSX vibrating screens, horizontal vibrating screens, banana vibrating screens, horizontal flip-flop vibrating screens, banana flip-flop vibrating screens and circular motion vibrating screens are multi-deck vibrating screens. They all have one, two and three vibrating screens.

The volume and weight of the first deck vibrating screen will be much smaller, which is easy to transport, but the screening accuracy is slightly lower, which can meet the basic requirements; The volume and weight of the second deck vibrating screen are slightly heavier than that of the first deck, and the screening accuracy is slightly higher; The three-deck vibrating screen has the largest volume and weight, but the screening progress is also the highest. It can screen different materials carefully.

The TSX horizontal double deck vibrating screen and TSX banana double deck vibrating screen are mainly used for grading, desliming and desliming. In these links of desliming and desliming, multi-deck screening can improve the purity of materials. When grading, multi-deck screening can be more detailed.

TSX Multi deck flip flop vibrating screen can improve work efficiency. Single deck flip flop screen has only one deck of flip flop screen plate. The role of flip flop screen plate is to screen viscous substances difficult to screen. The two-deck flip screen will be screened on the basis of screening, for example, after grading or dehydration and desliming, the flip screen plate will be used for screening.

The TSX circular motion vibrating screen is the same as the horizontal vibrating screen. The more decks of the sieve plate, the clearer the grade will be, which improves the screening accuracy and working efficiency.

The design of TSX steel wire sieve plate is at the leading level in China. Its sieve plate is made of stainless steel in the middle and a circle of polyurethane frame around. It is modular, easy to disassemble and replace damaged parts.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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