What Are The Advantages Of China’s Vibrate Screen?

In our country, the development of high-frequency vibrating sieve technology polyurethane screens is relatively late. Until the late 1970s, only a small amount of high-frequency vibrating screens were introduced in the metallurgical system.

The real development and testing began in the early 1980s. At present, high-frequency vibrating screens are widely used in my country’s coal preparation industry. According to the situation reflected by the market, about 100 high-frequency vibrating dewatering screens are needed every year, and its economic and social benefits are very significant. Therefore, many excellent companies have emerged, and the competition in the domestic high-frequency vibrating screen market is very fierce.

1. GPS series high frequency circular vibrating screen The GPS series high-frequency circular vibrating screen polyurethane screen is mainly used for the recovery of fine coal slime and works at a frequency of 50-60Hz.

(1) The sieving machine is a coal slime screening and grading equipment based on a thin material layer and based on precise screening.

(2) Work according to the principle of circular vibrating screen, with high frequency and high vibration intensity.

(3) The screen surface adopts the composite screen surface of “sandwich” screen, its opening rate can reach 36%, and the anti-blocking effect is very good. the

2. GZ, GZT high-frequency linear vibrating screen The high-frequency linear vibrating screen is divided into GZ type high-frequency vibrating screen and GZT type low-noise high-frequency vibrating screen. The difference between the two is that the vibrator of the GZ type high-frequency vibrating screen is a unit combination, while the screen frame is an integral welded structure; the vibrator of the GZT type low-noise high-frequency vibrating screen is a box type, and the screen frame adopts a sandwich side wall And beams, with noise reduction function.

(1) Working according to the principle of self-synchronization, the vibrator is driven by two motors respectively, and there is no forced connection between the two transmission shafts.

(2) The screen surface is composed of an arc section and a negative inclination straight line section. The slots of the arc section are perpendicular to the direction of material movement, and the slots of the main screen surface are in the same direction as the movement direction. the

3. QZK series surface screen The basic principle of the QZK series curved surface screen is similar to that of the GZ type, but the screen surface overcomes the shortcoming of the GZ type being too high. The screen surface generally adopts stainless steel ladder welded sieve plates or composite sieve plates. At present, this technology is developing the fastest.

This type of sieve machine has the advantages of low moisture content (≤24%), large processing capacity and high solid recovery rate. At present, the QZK-2041 type is the largest model that has been successfully applied in China. This is the high-frequency dehydration screen with the largest span in China and in the world.

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