What Are The Advantages Of Polyurethane Dewatering Screen?

There are many types of TSX vibrating screen, ranging from stainless steel sieves to polyurethane sieves, and there is a suitable sieve for each. When selecting a sieve, it should be selected according to the characteristics of the sieve, the aperture, the length of service life, etc. These points must be carefully selected, which has a great influence on the operation of the vibrating screen and the wear resistance of the material. , Corrosion resistance, whether it is magnetic or not will be affected.

Vibrating dewatering screen can be used for dehydration. It can be used for dewatering materials such as gravel, fine sand and coal. TSX vibrating screen can be used for dehydration. The sieves that can be used for dewatering include high frequency sieves, curved sieves and linear sieves.

It can also be used in grooved cracks. It is used for dehydration and its feed size is 0-5 mm. It can be widely used in coal preparation, construction, chemical industry and other industrial activities. It is more energy efficient due to its recycling and dehydration functions.

The dehydration screen can use polyurethane slotted screen plate, like linear screen and high frequency screen, which has long service life, large bearing capacity and high screening efficiency. Polyurethane sieve plate is more wear-resistant. Polyurethane itself has a high elastic modulus, high impact absorption strength, strong wear resistance, and high tensile strength, so its bearing capacity is very high. The stainless steel sieve has regular sieve holes. Corrosion and abrasion resistance.

TSX Screen

TSX Screen

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