What Are The Advantages Of Polyurethane Sieve Plate?

Long service life and large bearing capacity

High screening efficiency

It is applicable to any type of vibrating screen and can be manufactured by measuring machines

High screening accuracy

The working noise is low, meeting the national standard of environmental noise

Significant economic benefits.

It is currently the sieve plate material with the best abrasion resistance in the world.

The raw material for the production of polyurethane sieve plate is polymer organic elastomer, which itself has excellent wear resistance, bending resistance and large bearing capacity. The raw materials for producing polyurethane sieve plates are specially treated to ensure that they will not delaminate under long-term alternating load.The polyurethane high-frequency vibrating screen is one of the most popular polyurethane screen series products.

Its performance is very superior, and it has great advantages over traditional metal screens. Now I will introduce the advantages and service cycle of the polyurethane high-frequency vibrating screen. The advantages of polyurethane high-frequency vibrating screen mesh are very significant. In addition to the universality of these polyurethane screens with high wear resistance and long service life, they also have their own unique advantages in high-frequency vibration.

Polyurethane screen mesh can absorb impact and reduce noise. With unique structure and suitable elasticity and elastic force, it can not only squeeze blocked materials through or out of the screen mesh, but also become products under .

Polyurethane high-frequency vibrating screen improves screening efficiency; It is horizontally stretched, its weight is light, its flexibility is good, and it is convenient to install and disassemble, and it is convenient to transport and store.The service life of polyurethane high-frequency vibrating screen is relatively long, thanks to its superior structure.

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