What Are The Advantages Of Pu Polyurethane Screen Over Metal Sieve Plate?

The difference between pu polyurethane screen and metal vibrating screen mainly has the following points. pu polyurethane screen has a better bearing capacity than ordinary metal screen. In addition to the softness mentioned above, it can be used with the material With a slight deformation of the impact, more materials can be carried. High tensile strength, because the material of pu polyurethane screen is mainly polyurethane, which has certain softness and stretchable strength. Metal is not stretchable, because polyurethane has some softness, so it can also withstand impact. Makes a simple cushion, which is what makes polyurethane stronger.

According to customer requirements, the color of the pu polyurethane screen can be changed, such as orange, red, blue, etc., which not only has brand characteristics, but also is more vivid and beautiful. If it is used for secondary sales, it is easier to attract people’s attention.

Regarding the issue of strength and noise, because of its special polyurethane material, compared with metal, the natural noise will be smaller without such a high strength, and the surface of polyurethane is softer to a certain extent compared with metal. Yes, for some fluid materials, the sorting efficiency can be improved. In the actual sieving materials, it is similar to metal sieving products, such as the dry and wet layers of ore, and it can also be used in the dehydration industry.


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